ARS has been an asset to our organization. From general management, to organizing events and growing our membership, their team has been detailed and thorough. It is a pleasure working alongside them to reach our chapter’s goals.
~ Ashlee Carpentier, Board Member

ARS became a natural part of our team with a clear understanding of our goals and what we do. We look forward to partnering with them on future endeavors.
~ Donna Watson – Bureau Chief 

With ARS organizational skills and focus on strategic planning, our chapter has implemented several initiatives in the span of 12-18 months that have been on our “wish list” for years.
~ Kathleen Baldwin, CPA – Board Member/Treasurer

It is amazing to think of the things we have accomplished in just one year working with ARS. We have seen vast improvements in every area of our organization. Under exceptional management, the Chapter has increased its operational efficiency and effectiveness and developed a reputation of professionalism. Our Board Members and volunteers are inspired and motivated to serve and trust that ARS will continue to operate with our best interest in mind.
~ Scott Warren, Past President

ARS has met our every need in regards to our website and database since their inception. The ARS team is immediately responsive, easy to work with, and always gets the job done – not just meeting, but usually exceeding my expectations. It's nice to know I can ask them to do something and not think twice about it being done. They are awesome!!
~ Alva Striplin, Chief Executive Officer